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Docking Engineering has been producing high quality fabricated parts and performance cooling systems for motorsport and special vehicle use since 1984.

With its roots in motorsport the company is based at Silverstone Circuit-the heart of British motorsport, it is here that the company produces high performance components for a worldwide customer base. In addition to our motorsport work the company produces components for a number of aviation customers; these projects include unmanned aerial vehicles, aerial targets, experimental light aircraft, microlights, historic aircraft restoration and even airships.
By employing Motorsport methodology to our UAV and special air vehicle projects we are able to offer customers a fast, flexible and cost effective service not all ways available in the mainstream aviation industry. Using our knowledge and experience of race cars we are able to assist with the installation of the propulsion system and ensure that it is efficient, light and above all practical and easy to service. We have the ability to produce a wide range of products from the simplest mounting bracket to the most complex oil tank, radiator or engine mounting frames; we are also able to supply engine oil and fuel transfer lines and precision machined parts.

Typical components

  • Engine water radiators
  • Engine oil coolers
  • Turbo intercoolers
  • Engine mounting frames
  • Oil tanks
  • Fuel tanks
  • Water header tanks
  • Precision fabricated parts
  • Fuel and oil transfer lines
  • CNC machined parts

Due to confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements we are unable to show images of our customers UAV & military projects.

With over twenty years of experience in motorsport we have built up an enviable reputation in an industry which demands performance products and service.


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